Utilizing renewable feedstocks to create clean fuel products


Biofuels provide a pathway to low carbon fuels: one that requires careful contemplation of strategy, feedstock and technology selection. Bantrel has extensive experience collaborating with, evaluating, and selecting licensors is key in completing the pre-treatment and hydroprocessing stages.

Determining the project strategy and evaluating the impacts of feedstock alternatives are crucial to the overall success of the project. Bantrel provides strong front-end engineering expertise, accurate cost estimating, and a history of evaluating and executing revamp projects.


  • Guiding licensor input
  • Optimal feedstock selection 
  • Technology specification, evaluation, and selection
  • Technology review of licensor designs
  • Completion of licensor design package to IFC
  • Design integration of utilities and other existing owner facilities
  • Energy optimization with existing facilities to reduce carbon intensity
  • Application of operational feedback and continuous improvement through lessons learned
  • Assessment of operational costs and alternatives of various pre-treatment technologies based on chemical consumption and utility requirements


Biofuels & Co-Processing

Along with its process subject matter experts, Bantrel has extensive experience with process technology licensors, which is a key element when completing pre-treatment and hydroprocessing stages. We also provide strong front-end engineering expertise, accurate cost-estimating, and a history of evaluating and executing revamp processes.

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