Supplier and Contractor Registration

To Register Your Company

Bantrel uses the Bechtel GSIS system to register companies. In order to register you must have a valid Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), and Workers Compensations Board (WCB) number. If you do not have these numbers, please make use of the following links:

  1. Click on the “Portal” link to register your company.
    After submitting your registration, you will become a “prospective supplier”.
    Please note that registration does not guarantee approval.
  2. Contact Bantrel Key Contacts to let them know you have registered and are pending approval.
  3. Once Supply Chain has reviewed your company data and considers it suitable for our projects, you will receive an e-mail to complete your registration.
  4. After you receive the e-mail, you have 14 days to complete the registration.


  1. Registration approval does not guarantee invitation to bid.
  2. Bantrel Supply Chain may e-mail you a pre-qualification questionnaire to complete and e-mail it back to Supply Chain. The more complete, targeted, and current your company information, the more visible your company will be to our projects
  3. To avoid missing opportunities to bid on future Bantrel projects, please ensure that you keep your company profile up-to-date.

Bantrel Key Contacts for Suppliers and Contractors:
Tel:            1-403-290-5084


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