Operational Efficiency

The Bantrel digital transformation yields opportunities for Bantrel MinivationsTM—innovations which enhance our executional quality and efficiency for the benefit of our Clients.  

Efficient Execution Excellence

At Bantrel, we imagine a future limited only by our own potential. And while we strive with our Clients to Innovate toward a future which is safe, sustainable, and rewarding, we know that "Breakthrough Innovations" do not happen everyday. We remain diligent, working within our existing processes and constructs to find new ways to gain efficiency and value, while also setting even higher standards of the safety and quality we take pride in.

As practitioners of datacentric, "single source of truth" processes, we are able to automate and refine our work routines to ensure optimum efficiency, minimum waste, greater quality, and real-time transparency. We call these process enhancements Minivations, and they allow us to deliver continuous improvement and sophistication, providing true value for the projects we execute.

Some examples of Minivations that we have implemented or are developing include: 

  • Advanced data analytics and visualization tools that allow us to track and measure key project indicators, such as schedule, cost, quality, and safety, and provide actionable insights for decision making.
  • Cloud-based collaboration, and CAD platforms that enable seamless integration and communication among our teams, Clients, and partners, regardless of location or device.
  • Low code app development for corporate-wide automations and process simplification. This allows us to quickly and easily build custom solutions for various business needs, such as workflows, data management, dashboards, and reporting. Low code app development also empowers our employees to become citizen developers, who can create their own apps with minimal IT support, and share them across the organization. This enhances our agility, productivity, and creativity, while reducing costs and risks. Low code app development is a game-changer for our company, as it enables us to leverage the power of digital transformation and innovation in a fast and efficient way.

These Minivations are not only beneficial for our current projects, but also create a foundation for future innovation and excellence. By embracing a culture of continuous improvement and learning, we are able to deliver efficient execution excellence for our Clients.

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