Bantrel Environmental Management System

At Bantrel, sustainability is an important consideration in all that we do. To identify and mitigate environmental impacts, Bantrel works along side its Clients to seek out innovative ways in which to deliver projects.

Bantrel is commited to the protection of the enviroment; our environmental goals are the forefront of our business planning and captured in our Sustainability Report, released each year. These goals are cascaded to all employees for monitoring and improvement. 

ISO 14001:2015

Bantrel is proud to announce our recent Environmental Certification.


Our Environmental Management System is integrated with our Quality and our Health & Safety management programs, encompassing Project Management, Engineering (Design and Development), Supply Chain Management, and Construction activities processes. 


The Bantrel Environmental program encompasses all aspects of environment in design, supply chain management (SCM), and construction.


Based on Client and regulatory requirements, Bantrel engineering identifies the environmental studies and assessments needed, how they apply, what internal resources are required, and the methodology to be used on each design project.


Bantrel is continually looking for new ways to incorporate environmentally friendly choices into Supply Chain Management by addressing the life cycle of purchasing products or services, therefore leading to minimal environmental impacts.


For construction activities, specific environmental requirements related to all construction work is embedded in the construction environmental control panel (CECP). The plan is developed for each project and is dependent on the scope of environmental activities.

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